Computer technology 101: Buffering in Kodi 17.6 (Krypton)

In this video, I walk you through eliminating or reducing the amount of buffering in Kodi 17.6, a problem that plagues many users of Kodi.

Thanks for joining us today for another vlog of Computer Technology 101!

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How To Make House Music – Tech House Drums

How to produce tech house: how to make a basic tech house drum pattern. Also, get a free tech house sample pack!

▶ Synthetic Ableton Template…

▶Free Synthetic Sample Pack

▶ How I made Synthetic start to finish, step by step…

▶ 5-minute tutorial on the making of Synthetic…

▶ Download/listen to Synthetic for free…


For this style of tech house, you want to start with a simple kick because this style is all about the bass.

You also want a clap emphasizing the 2-3k range. This style of tech house is very energetic and a more aggressive clap sound will reinforce that energetic vibe.

Since there are no melodic elements to the track other than the bassline, you need to rely on your percussion to provide that midrange interest and movement throughout the track.

There are two main percussion motifs. The first is the backbone and plays throughout the whole track.

The second motif doesn’t play throughout the whole track. Instead it’s used to help lift the energy and keep things interesting. It uses more mid and high frequency sounds and a faster rhythm to achieve this.

For bass sound design, you want a bass with constant presence.

On the production side, this means a simple bass sound with more legato-style programming. Either a filtered saw wave or filtered FM bass will work.

On the mixing side, this is achieved with compression on the bass, careful sidechaining with the kick, and some low end compression on a kick and bass group, or in mastering, or both!

My bassline has a call-response phrasing and only uses the notes of the G minor triad, so G, Bb and D.

The two phrases have the same rhythm, but the response phrase lifts the energy by moving up to the Bb a couple times.

The groove really comes from the interaction of the kick, bass and percussion. But I obviously added some tops to fill out the spectrum, drive the track, and reinforce the swing.

For the main vocals, I found an old clip with a guy talking about drugs.

I also wanted to change up what the listener was expecting at the end of the main break, so I found a female vocalist singing “everybody” and used that as the main payoff.

I also found a YouTuber talking about his first experience with MDMA and sprinkled those samples across the track.

For the main chord hook, I used the infamous Godzilla horn sample and I used it to accent the downbeats of important sections in the track.

I used the vocals to create a lot of the effects in the track. And I programed some sine risers and white noise patches in Massive to do the rest.

The track has a super simple structure: 32 bar intro, 16 bar break, 48 bar drop, 32 bar main break, 48 bar drop, 16 bar break, 32 bar outro. There’s also a 4 bar break in the middle of each drop.


Terrible inventors unite! You would think we’d build a shitty robot together, but instead we turned my car into a computer mouse. Just to keep you on your toes.

William’s video on the project:

👇 places where I post stuff 👇

🙏 Scott Lawrie for filming and being a friend
🙏Trey Xavier for making the official shitty robot tracks 💖


This is a DJ mix of great fast energy-filled trance music. Its Euphoric – Energetic – Powerful – Banging – Trance music. Subscribe for future updates. Thanks for listening and have a great time.


00:00 Ivan Torrent – The Edge of Consciousness

04:05 Armin van Buuren – Be In The Moment (ASOT 850 Anthem)

07:24 MaRLo – Enough Echo (Extended Mix) 🌟

12:27 M.I.K.E. Push pres. Overtone – The sun rises (Extended Mix)

16:56 Stoneface & Terminal – Covenant (Extended Mix) 🌟

20:28 A-Tronix & Sven E – Universe (Extended Mix)

26:16 Jordan Suckley & Kutski – Surveillance (2nd Phase RMX) 🌟

31:08 Ezequiel Giovanni – M82

35:56 Brian Flinn – Machines Built By Machines (Extended Mix)

41:27 S.H.O.K.K. – Villa Flora (Dreamy Banging Remix)

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