#092 Tech House Mix B2B with Piero August 2017

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1) Downtown Beat (Original Mix) Caal, Baum
2) Good Times (Original Mix) The Deepshakerz, DJ Rae
3) Mind, Body & Soul (Original Mix) Rene Amesz
4) Selva Magica (Original Mix) Carloh
5) Let’s Party (Original Mix) Alvaro Am
6) Woodworm (Miguel Bastida Remix) J&S Project, Kubeck
7) Def (Original Mix) Latmun
8) Queen Of My House (Original Mix) Stefano Kosa
9) Egyptian Lover (Latmun Remix) The Golden Boy
10) Whippp (Remix) Format:B
11) One Night In The City (Original Mix) Newmanhere, DJ Christopher
12) Smack My Bitch Up (DJOKO Remix) The Prodigy
13) Stick With Liquid (Original Mix) Bollen & Fichtner, Beerten

Tech House Mix 2017 August

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1. BelAir – Da Music (Original Mix)
2. Dave Rose, Maurizio Basilotta – Funkybiza (Extended Mix) 05:50
3. Sylva Drums – Radikal (Padrinix Remix) 12:05
4. Crazibiza, House Of Prayers – Going Down (Original Mix) 17:10
5. Blame Mate – VataFakk (Original Mix) 22:15
6. Alessio Cala’ – Play With You (Original Mix) 27:45
7. Jeremy Bass – The Funky Boy (Original Mix) 32:50
8. Karina Skye, Stefano Ravasini, Overtronic – Addicted To Bass (Original Mix) 36:50
9. Popcorn Poppers – Overdrive (Original Mix) 42:00
10. Ramrod Rodeo – Love About House (Original Mix) 46:55
11. Block, Crown, Pete Rose – Get Nasty Baby (Original Mix) 50:35
12. Jonk, Spook, Essen – Can You Feel It (Original Mix) 54:35
13. Johan Dresser, DJ Smilk – Head Movement (Original Mix) 58:10
14. Johan Dresser, DJ Smilk – Nana (Original Mix) 01:03:55

The Cold War and Consumerism: Crash Course Computer Science #24

Today we’re going to step back from hardware and software, and take a closer look at how the backdrop of the cold war and space race and the rise of consumerism and globalization brought us from huge, expensive codebreaking machines in the 1940s to affordable handhelds and personal computers in the 1970s. This is an era that saw huge government funded projects – like the race to the moon. And afterward, a shift towards the individual consumer, commoditization of components, and the rise of the Japanese electronics industry.

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Sound Like John Mayer – For Under £500!!!

This week Matt and Rabea try to Sound Like John Mayer – For Under £500!!!

Gear used:

Squier Bullet Stratocaster RW in Fiesta Red – https://goo.gl/1emdzu

Fender Champion 40 – https://goo.gl/i9EyxM

Tone City Bad Horse – https://goo.gl/vxCJWj

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