Wallifornia MusicTech – Interview de Mauricio Dwek de Mod Devices

L’interview d’un des membres de Mod Devices, lauréats du programme d’accélération du Wallifornia MusicTech 2017 au festival Les Ardentes



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The museum of ancient computer technology

(30 Sep 2017) LEAD IN:
A new “anti-museum” in Russia offers visitors the chance to experience 20th century technology.
On offer are original Macintoshs, ancient Nintendo games and old Soviet PCs.

Once upon a time, these computer keyboards would have been cutting-edge technology.
Now, they look like ancient artefacts.
This is the ‘anti-museum of computers and video games’, officially named Skynet, and it was launched in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg.
The largest museum of its kind in the country, it features more than 600 exhibits which have been harvested from across the world over the last four years.
Founder Sergei Martyanov receives all the pieces broken, in some shape or another.
He and and the local techies spend months looking for documentation in archives, matching spares, ordering them in from around the globe, or improvising if necessary – finally repairing these machines to working order.
Some museum pieces cost up to 6000 US dollars, while others narrowly escaped being thrown on the dump
The oldest device here is a Soviet oscilloscope produced in 1953, and it still works.
“That’s just a display of the first mainframe of 1950 that was called M1, and was a display, for outputting the information (to the screen),” explains Martyanov.
“Later (people) learned to output depictions to TV screens, and then the TV screens were transformed into so called displays or monitors.”
Its display is a big lamp, and it doesn’t show any digits or letters, only a curve line, but pioneering computer specialists are able to understand this computer language.
One of those, Gennadiy Basargin, donated this exhibit, which had lain in the pantry of his apartment for almost 40 years.
He worked as an engineer at a defence enterprise in the Soviet era and was keen on collecting computer equipment during those years:
“When our enterprise undertook a write-off (of the equipment), there was a special shop. So the equipment was no longer needed in manufacturing, it was passed to this shop, and everyone who wanted it, bought it. I bought such things there.”
When Basargin found out about the opening of the museum, he decided to make dozens of his collectibles a part of computer history, picking them up off the dusty shelves and donating them to Skynet.
Year by year it becomes more difficult to find old Soviet computers – most people have thrown out old hardware.
“We have several dozens of Soviet computers here,” says Martyanov.
“Actually, there were a lot of various computers produced in the Soviet Union, and the engineering industry kept pace with the times, striving to replicate and improve exhibits, so to improve those developments from abroad.”
While computers today can fit in the palm of our hands, those of the past were a much larger operation.
Martyanov switches on an old computer and the whirring of the fan starts up.
“There were five of those fans in a single cupboard. And there could be a few dozens of the cupboards in a big room. All of this was a single computer,” he says, marvelling at the thought.
“The place where the computer was located was called a machine hall. You can imagine what noise was made by one cupboard and what noise was in a room where the computer was installed.”
Today, these old devices make today’s users laugh: calculators were bigger than modern tablets and units looked more like chandeliers stuffed with lamps.
Every month up to 4000 people come to Skynet, most of them are students of local schools and colleges.
The most popular part of the exhibition is the gaming zone.
These youngsters are trying out video games.
They can’t understand how people used the devices in the past.
But the gaming zone also features more up-to-date technology.

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Cybersecurity: Crash Course Computer Science #31

Cybersecurity is a set of techniques to protect the secrecy, integrity, and availability of computer systems and data against threats. In today’s episode, we’re going to unpack these three goals and talk through some strategies we use like passwords, biometrics, and access privileges to keep our information as secure, but also as accessible as possible. From massive Denial of Service, or DDos attacks, to malware and brute force password cracking there are a lot of ways for hackers to gain access to your data, so we’ll also discuss some strategies like creating strong passwords, and using 2-factor authentication, to keep your information safe.

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Tech N9ne Collabos – “Cold Piece Of Work” (JL Feat. Tech N9ne, Jay Trilogy, & Joey Cool) – VIDEO

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