AS Music Tech Multitrack – Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers

For my AS-level multitrack piece, I chose Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers. All micing up/recording/editing/mixing/mastering has been done by me. I got an A grade for my whole coursework portfolio, so I’m guessing I have an A for this project (I had 134/140 overall). For best quality, wear headphones or use decent speakers and watch in 1080p 🙂

Vocals:- Mark Houston
Guitar:- Andrew Cox
Bass Guitar:- Craig Cieciura
Drums:- Tom Beesley

Microphones used:-

Drums:- AKG D112 (Kick),
Audix i5 (Snare Top),
Shure SM57 (Snare Bottom),
Rode NT1000 (Hi-hat),
Audix D2 (Toms),
(2 x ) AKG C1000S (Overheads)

Guitar:- Rode NT1000 (Close-miced, parallel),
Shure SM57 (Close-miced, 45 degree angle)

Bass Guitar:- Rode NT1000 (Close-miced, parallel),
AKG D112 (Close-miced, 45 degree angle),
Sennheiser MD441 (Close-miced, 45 degree angle),
Bass DI Box (input straight into the interface)

Vocals:- Rode NT1000 (Pointing directly towards the vocalist) + Pop Filter

Synthesisers:- MIDI Synth

Hope You enjoyed Watching!

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