MTF Exclusive: Jamie Cullum on the Seaboard @ Music Tech Fest 2013

A meeting of creative minds: Jamie Cullum, Roli and RiffRaff Films join forces in this Music Tech Fest Special. Seaboard inventor and CEO of ROLI, Roland Lamb meets Jamie Cullum to demo The Seaboard, a new musical instrument which bridges the gap between acoustic and digital music by putting the control of pitch, volume and timbre right at your fingertips. / @WeAreROLI / @RiffRaffFilms / @jamiecullum / @musictechfest

Computer Technology Employment

Computer Tech jobs today almost always require an entry level certification. College is important, but certs validate skills and employers know they can put people to work with the right certifications. Cisco and Microsoft are the two primary tech pathways, but VMware, Database Management, and Linux/Unix are also good paths to take.

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